About (2nd edition)

This website/blog is a place for Freyr LePage to practice Radical Honesty[1]; saying publicly whatever they[2] are most afraid to say.

Freyr is extremely reluctant to combine public speaking with authenticity. Especially about spirituality and even more especially about A Course In Miracles.

Freyr talks about themself in the third person sometimes.

Secondary goals/wishful thinking

Articles 'every' Sunday

New articles may appear on Sundays[3].
Sequence of 'planned' articles is here.
Non-article posts may happen whenever.

meta comment

This page used to be linked from the home page to explain the context. But I wasn't in my right mind when I wrote it, so it's been removed, but still available as a blog post.

  1. Radical Honesty requires an audience, or at least the possibility of one ↩︎

  2. Freyr doesn't identify as a man or a woman, so "himself" or "herself" would be inappropriate ↩︎

  3. 00:00 UTC ↩︎

Freyr LePage

autistic, nonbinary, white, middle class

United Kingdom