3 types of content

Written for, and posted on /r/spirituality

I’ve been having a conversation with u/king3x about how to improve r/awakened (he’s a moderator there). He asked for my thoughts and first I was like “I don’t think my thoughts will help you” and then I found myself scribbling a lot of notes on the subject of “correcting r/awakened”. One of these ideas has been quite the revelation for me.

When I came to sort posts into categories, it all boiled down to only 3 types of content that gets posted:

  1. Posts trying to help others or change others.
  2. Posts presenting an unsolved ‘problem’.
  3. Posts celebrating some happy occurrence of discovery.

I’m calling these(respectively): attacking, complaining and bragging.

I’ve yet to find any content that doesn’t fit neatly into these three boxes (though I don’t imagine it would be obvious to everyone).

For example, this post and my other two posts in this sub, are all bragging!

And now I’m seeing it everywhere! The moment I open my mouth, it’s always one of these 3 things! There just, doesn’t seem to be any other reason to speak!

All this is making me so much more mindful of my speech. It’s very helpful :)

Edit (19 days later): I’ve realised now that all ‘attack’ can be interpreted as a request.

Forgive, and you will see this differently.