Unfinished: Absurd notions

Saying these things is like if you told me that you control the ocean; that it's really you who makes the tide go in and out, and not the moon. Moreover you expect me to stop the moon from orbiting the earth because it's 'messing up your flow'. »


A disciplined learning space is necessary for inner change, while a relaxed social space is necessary for integrating those changes. »

My Course Story

...there was no going back. Everything I did conspired to take me closer to enlightenment, which, now I had a much better idea of what it was, I definitely didn't want. »


This is a page into which I may throw my autism knowledge and understanding, so that people can read this page instead of talking to me about it. Yay. »


Premise The world is, to a fair approximation, wholely insane. Therefore: Reputation is indicative of nothing. Words of sanity will be unfamiliar and may appear insane »


I would rather a heartfelt letter than a donation. But donations are an uncomplicated way of expressing gratitude, and some find it easier. »